PJ Engelbrecht has designed, constructed, and sometimes re-built dozens of websites over the past twelve years. She has refined her design philosophy to one fundamental principle:

Web usability enables effective marketing.

artist's site laurastempel.com presents works in living color

bookseller foliodeux.com features classic print design

A well-designed website steers visitors to crucial info via clear menus and logical navigation paths.

Careful page layout literally gives form to the user experience.

Even subtle visual cues such as color and typography can enhance your message.

Both images and text contribute to optimal online presence.

a "Blue" political website        a diva in purple: Viva Cecilia!

nonprofit ginnfoundation.org     consultancy eastbridge.us

PJ is both a skilled designer and a professional writer, covering all the bases.

As a team player, she can help you get online quickly while maintaining your healthy bottom line.  

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