PJ Engelbrecht provides website design, development, and admin services. For best value, PJ will build your new website on a project basis. She also contracts for long-term maintenance and will update or repair existing sites at hourly rates.

PJ specializes in building economical, gimmick-free websites that function smoothly and reflect the site owner's aesthetic preferences. Her close attention to detail is advantageous when your site is content-heavy or complexly structured.

Over ten years' experience in web dev—including seven years as a duografix principal—grounds her client-centered approach to internet communications, serving organizations from Minnesota to Texas, Brazil to France. Genuine client service = JobOne.

Your website is your face online. Your site must be distinctive and accessible—from a "spellable," memorable domain name to vivid and appealing graphics to readable, engaging text. Creative collaboration is key.

With your input, PJ can design and construct the site that embodies your organizational culture, the website that fulfills your online goals.  

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