Before we're writers, we're scribblers, finger-painters.
Before there's paper, there's wood pulp, and before that, trees.
Before PJ learned how visual art gains substance in three dimensions, she built graphic skills in two dimensions.

After years experimenting with many 2-D media—oil paints, acrylics, collage, photography, and of course, digital imaging—PJ concluded that drawing with colored pencils best-suits her temperament and best-serves her visual intentions.

Drawing permits the realistic representation of both things and ideas. And drawing with color, in pencil, enables both graphical precision and free expression. In her drawings, PJ can articulate concepts that traverse the presumed barrier between the mundane world and the commenting mind.

Yes, PJ loves a pun, whether verbal or visual. No coincidence that both drawing and writing are composed upon that most prosaic of materials, paper. Acid-free paper, certainly, for the wit is acidic enough.  

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