Don't Look Now, But (the sentinel tree).
Cottonwood bark; poly stain, oilcolor pencils; stained pine base; polyurethane finish.   19"h overall, base 5.5"x6"x3".   May 2012.

With That the Dragon Promptly Turned to Stone.  
Cottonwood bark, oilcolor pencils, stained pine base, polyurethane finish.  18.5"h overall, base 6"x5"x3".  July 2012.

Half the Bird He Used to Be (the raven).   
Cottonwood bark, ebony stain, polyurethane finish.   Drilled to hang.   19"w x 7"h x 2.5"d.   March 2011.

The Deerhunter Before Dawn.   Cottonwood bark, polyurethane finish.   Drilled to hang.   5"w x 24.5"h x 3"d.   January 2011.

2x5 After Demuth.  Ambrosia maple, brass screws, polyurethane finish. 3.5"w x 8.5"h x 3"d.  September 2010.  Privately held.

© 2010-2013 PJ Engelbrecht

The Elephants Came In Waves.   Ambrosia maple, natural/unfinished.   11"w x 4"h x 1"d.   September 2010.

Watchers in the Wood (the crone).   Ambrosia maple, natural/unfinished.   5"w x 6.2"h x 0.8"d.   July 2010.

© 2010-2013 PJ Engelbrecht

To Spite His Face (the ghoul).   Honeylocust wood, polyurethane finish, recycled-cotton hood.  Head 3.5"w x 9"h.   October 2010.

Santa's Little Gremlins (set of 4).   Basswood, acrylic paints.  Each approx. 1.5"w x 3"h.  December 2010.   Privately held.

Lefthanded Goyische History-of-Numeracy Handcrafted Self-Explanatory Basswood Dreidl.
Basswood, wax finish, acrylic paints, purpose-built paper/cardboard box (2.7"cu).  1"w x 2.5"h.  December 2009.  Privately held.

© 2009-2013 PJ Engelbrecht

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